"Fun" Raising for Your Group!

Each year Eko Backen receives hundreds of requests for donations to a variety of non-profit fundraising. We will continue to act on these requests. We call it FUN-RAISING!


During the entire month of December $1 for each lift ticket sold (can) be donated toward your community based organization. It's very simple. The customer purchases a regular priced lift ticket and mentions your local organization. We keep track of the number of customers who do this for December. (Funds raised will be sent in January.)

June, July and August

Summer is picnic "Fun-Raising" time at Eko Backen. Any company picnic or reunion organizer that mentions your nonprofit will also be raising money for you. One dollar from each picnic admission will be donated to your group.

Register your Organization!

To receive credit all your group has to do is register with us. After registering, an individual in December or group June thru August. who mentions your organization when booking a event. Will be raising money for you!


The only limitation is your imagination. You may register over the telephone (651-433-2422) or on-line... Organization Registration